1. Installing CIS

A pre-packaged version of CIS is available for installation using conda for 64-bit Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.

Once conda is installed, you can easily install CIS with the following command:

$ conda install -c cistools -c scitools cis

If you don’t already have conda, you must first download and install it. Anaconda is a free conda package that includes Python and many common scientific and data analysis libraries, and is available here. Further documentation on using Anaconda and the features it provides can be found at http://docs.continuum.io/anaconda/index.html.

To check that CIS is installed correctly, simply type cis version to display the version number, for example:

$ cis version
Using CIS version: V1R2M0 (Stable)

In order to upgrade CIS to the latest version use:

$ conda update cis

1.1. Dependencies

If you choose to install the dependencies yourself, use the following command to check the required dependencies are present:

$ python setup.py checkdep