2.1. What’s new in CIS 1.2

This page documents the new features added, and bugs fixed in CIS since version 1.1. See all changes here: https://github.com/cedadev/cis/compare/1.1.0...1.2.0

2.1.1. CIS 1.2 features

  • All new cis info command provides much more detailed information about ungridded data variables and enables multiple variables to be output at a time.
  • Updated a number of routines to take advantage of Iris 1.8 features. In particular gridded-gridded collocation using the nearest neighbour kernel should be significantly faster. Iris 1.8 is now the minimum version required for CIS.
  • Gridded-ungridded collocation now supports collocation from cubes with hybrid height or hybrid pressure coordinates for both nearest neighbour and linear interpolation kernels.
  • Built-in support for reading multiple HadGEM .pp files directly.
  • All new API and plugin development documentation, including a number of tutorials

2.1.2. Bugs fixed

  • JASCIS-253 - Any ungridded points which contain a NaN in any of its coordinate values will now be ignored by CIS
  • JASCIS-250 - Multiple HadGEM files can now be read correctly through the new data plugins.
  • JASCIS-197 - Gridded-gridded collocation now respects scalar coordinates
  • JASCIS-199 - Aggregation now correctly uses the bounds supplied by the user, even when collapsing to length one coordinates.
  • Speed improvement to the ungridded-gridded collocation using linear interpolation
  • Several bug fixes for reading multiple GASSP ship files
  • Renamed and restructured the collocation modules for consistency
  • Many documentation spelling and formatting updates
  • Many code formatting updates for PEP8 compliance