2.3. What’s new in CIS 1.3

This page documents the new features added, and bugs fixed in CIS since version 1.2. See all changes here: https://github.com/cedadev/cis/compare/1.2.1...1.3.0

2.3.1. CIS 1.3 features

  • Some significant optimisations have been made in reading Caliop, CCI and Aeronet datasets, there have also been speed improvements for ungridded data subsetting
  • New Pandas interface allows the easy creation of DataFrames through the ‘as_data_frame’ method on Gridded or Ungridded data. Pandas is an extensive python library providing many powerful data analysis algorithms and routines.
  • Compatibility updates for newer versions of Numpy and SciPy. The minimum require version of SciPy is now 0.16.0
  • Swapped out Basemap plotting routines for Cartopy. This removed a dependancy (as Cartopy was already required by Iris), and has given us more flexibility for plotting different projections in the future
  • Plots now automatically try to use the most appropriate resolution background images for plots over coastlines NASA blue marble images.
  • ‘scatter_overlay’ plots have been completely removed (they have been deprecated for the last two versions), the same functionality can be achieved through the more generic ‘overlay’ plots.
  • Update to the UngriddedData.coord() and .coords() API to match the changes in IRIS >=1.8. This allows users to also search for coordinates by supplying a Coord instance to compare against. Currently this only compares standard names, but this may be extended in the future.

2.3.2. Bugs fixed

  • JASCIS-279 - This release removes the basemap dependency and means we can use a much newer version of GEOS which doesn’t clash with the SciTools version
  • JASCIS-267 - Fixed ASCII file reading to be compatible with Numpy 1.9
  • JASCIS-259 - Fixed Stats unit tests to reflect updates in SciPy (>0.15.0) linear regression routines for masked arrays
  • JASCIS-211 - Subsetting now accepts variable names (rather than axes shorthands) more consistently, the docs have been updated to make the dangers of relying on axes shorthands clear and an error is now thrown if a specific subset coordinate is not found.
  • JASCIS-275 - The ungridded subsetting is now done array-wise rather than element wise giving large performance improvements

2.3.3. CIS 1.3.1 fixes

  • JASCIS-231 & JASCIS-209 - CIS now better determines the yaxis when the user specifies the xaxis as ‘time’ so that overlaying multiple time series is easy
  • JASCIS-283 - An issue with setting xmin or xmax using datetimes
  • A minor fix to the AerosolCCI product